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Case studies

  • D&D Industrial Coatings

    Several processes were targets for energy improvements. Wash lines, power ovens, compressed air heat recovery, compressed air usage efficiency, booth exhaust and plant heating.

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  • Olympic Ice Center

    This facility operates year round to make ice but also maintains humidity levels and temperatures which required heat year round. The challenge was to capture the heat off the ammonia system and head cooling loop to save energy and water.

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  • Auto Dealership

    This dealership had over 200 of the standard 1000W metal halide fixtures to illuminate the lot. While the light is excellent they are expensive to maintain and operate and deteriorate quickly.

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  • Corporate Office

    The existing system was aging and in poor condition with little ability to manage energy. The building automation was antiquated and very difficult to navigate.

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  • Textile Plant

    Humidity and temperature control of the facility was critical and heat generated by the lighting was overloading the aging chiller system.

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  • BRP Marine Propulsion Division

    This facility test, develops and manufacturers its own motors at this facility. Teseting involves running motors in 600,000 gal of water capturing the exhaust stream for oxidation.

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  • MCFI Services

    After a major energy upgrade that included a heat pipe, DCV (Demand Control Ventilation), economizer with entropy, BAS control with advanced analytic and lighting savings that was being tracked, the entire system of tracking individual systems was deteriorating.

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  • Grocery Store

    This supermarket had an aging infrastructure that was using excessive energy with obsolete technology. The opportunity was to upgrade the existing equipment and achieve substantial energy savings while improving merchandising and general appearance of the store.

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  • Convenience Store

    Westown is a busy combination food and liquor store with 2 large walk in coolers and 4 free standing reach in coolers and freezers and energy bills were very high due to the poorly controlled anti-sweat and aging evaporator systems.

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